Portable Chess Set from Staunton, RISK-64 /

Both the pieces and the board meet all tournament requirements and are suitable for schools, clubs, outdoor competitions and tournaments. The chess pieces with the classic Staunton look are designed to minimize the risk of injury during transport and play. And because it is made of high quality plastic, it can withstand many years of use (and abuse). In addition, each set comes with 34 pieces instead of the traditional 32 - it includes 2 extra queens. The cinch bag is at the same time a printed chessboard with 57 mm shack squares and storage for chess pieces, chess clock, magazines, scoreboard and what else you need.

See "Specification" for details.

Outer measure 600 x 600 x 10 mm
Total weight of the product 0.5 kg
Form / Design / Material Portable Regulation Tournament Staunton Chess set in Cinch Bag
Chess board material and design Chess set in portable Cinch Bag
Size of the chess board 456 x 456 mm
The chess boards playing field Field size 57 mm without chess notation.
Chessmen size King height 95 mm, Base diameter 38 mm
Chessmen design / material Staunton design made of plastic
Weighting and sole Single weighted chessmen with felt base
Storage Nylon bag
Guarantee 3 years manufacturer warranty
Transport safety Protected and insured transport

Regulation Tournament Staunton Chess set in Cinch Bag

  • 300 SEK

  • Ex Tax: 240 SEK

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